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Our Angelic Monkeys

Last night at the B & B we had guests from Iowa. He actually is from the UK and she from Italy. He a British accent and she quite “International” having traveled and lived throughout the world. They stayed in the Premier Suite. This morning during breakfast service I had a chance to chat with them. They commented how lovely the evening was watching the sun set while on the suite deck. She asked, ”¬†Have you noticed the fig tree off the deck has young monkeys in it eating the figs…?” Not knowing quite how to respond… I paused to think about the question before I offered a comment. You all know me… it takes quite a bit for me to pause. This one did. All I could come up was, “Really! There are monkeys in the fig tree?” “Oh yes, haven’t you seen them? Such angelic faces they have! It was most enchanting and a wondrous addition to our entirely magical evening.” ” I have never seen them. I commented.”

They returned to their suite after breakfast and I chuckled to myself the possibility of having wild monkeys at Augusta House. A few minutes later my neighbor called me. “Marilyn, how are you?” I thought to myself what a coincidence she should call me after the morning conversation about the Fig tree and monkeys. The Fig tree is on my neighbors property. “Have you see the baby raccoons in Fig tree?”¬†

A short time later my guests checked out and thanked me for for such a wonderful stay and experience. In their words, ” We shall never forget the magical experience of sitting on the peaceful deck, watching the sun set with the angelic monkeys eating the figs.”


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Sharon Hadley
Sharon Hadley

Posted on:
July 28th, 2013

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